Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hey there!

Well, here I go again- starting a blog. I plan on keeping my old blog for non-food related stuff, but I've been thinking about doing more with food and cooking, and I think creating a new and dedicated cooking blog is a great place to begin. Speaking of beginnings, let's start with a little bit about me, as a cook...

I like to reserve the term "chef" for those who are true experts at the culinary arts. While I pride myself on my abilities, I haven't attended culinary school, nor do I cook in a professional arena. I don't want to disrespect those who have achieved some really incredible things by calling myself something that most people would place in equality with those who are vastly superior to me. That's why I repeatedly call myself a "cook."

That said, I really enjoy cooking and I really love food. My hope for this blog is that you, the reader, will also learn to love cooking. I want people who may not be interested in cooking, or may even be afraid of it, to see how fun and easy it really is. So, the plan is to take dishes that I find (and like), test them out, and see if I can't simplify them a little. You'll see changes like:

~ Substituting healthier ingredients for unhealthy originals
~ A combination of "eyeball" measurements and exacting amounts
~ Recipes that work with ingredients you love
~ Recipes that are easily interchangeable so you can make the dishes all your own

So, here's to new beginnings- let's see what happens!


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